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Saturday, January 25, 2014

January at Art Matakana

From Art Matakana: To start the year off we would like to showcase some of our well established artists work. Many of you would recognise the name 'Helena Blair' if not be familiar with her work. We recently received some new works from her, paintings from her Tuscan/Provence range. Another name one may know is that of Christian Nicolson, who by his own admission is a sculptor, painter, videomaker who makes large installations in the landscape and uses photography, printmaking and other methods to capture his work' Blair's work is vibrant & cheerful. She currently uses oil pastel & gouache on paper to create her artworks, as well as acrylic on canvas. Provence, Tuscany & the NZ landscape are her main themes. 'Inspired by nature, her vivid palette, her distinctive styles bring her paintings to life , with a selection of realism and impressionism. "Most of my work has be painted with a Painting Knife, creating textural type work. Some of my work is directly inspired by this environment, while other pieces depict my travels". More of Helena's work can be viewed online at our website.

Village of Provence © Helena Blair

Nicolson is a different fish entirely. Initially studying design, Christian soon decided making logos and creating ads and being a all round 'frustrated designer' wasn't good enough, so he then set out to follow his dream of creating his own work, for himself. "Some artists stick to one thing. I do not. I like to be creative in as many ways as possible. Whatever it is to get across my idea and explore what I am doing. I pride my self in doing different things. I act for myself but usually always like to relate to other people. I want people to get my work. I make sculptures. I do large installations in the landscape. I use photography, paint, screen printing, have a rock band and make videos. That is what I do - focus on the idea not the medium" A large range of Christian's work can be viewed on his artist page.

Evening Storm Brewing © Christopher Nicholson

We also have some amazing ceramic work by John Phillips. "A few years ago I developed a new material to make large lightweight wall tiles that I found out later had advantages as a medium for art. I call it Artis Fiberclay. It feels like stone in texture and looks like terracotta except it is light and a kiln is not needed. Exploring its creative boundaries has been the foundation of a my art career. In my sculptures I use simple natural and sometimes ambiguous forms. More recently I have been using my finishing techniques on canvas and on fiberclay shapes. The discoveries I make contribute to my 3D work. I like that continual sense of moving forward and stretching my creativity" More of Johns work can be viewed on our website.

The Cloud © John Philips

Art Matakana
1151 Leigh Road
RD 5
New Zealand
Ph: 09 422 9790

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lazarus String Quartet in Warkworth

Old Masonic Lodge, Warkworth
Friday 27 September 2013, 6pm
Adults $30; Students free; no eftpos available

From Lazarus String Quartet: Emma Yoon (1992), Julianne Song (1989), Lindsay McLay (1989) and Alice Gott (1990) are all graduates of the University of Canterbury and The Pettman Junior Music Academy in Christchurch, New Zealand, and started playing together in various ensembles at a young age. The quartet is currently studying at The University of Music, Drama and Media Hanover in Germany, under the tuition of Professor Oliver Wille (Kuss Quartet).

Since its official formation in 2009, the prize-winning quartet of 2010 ROSL Arts/Pettman Competition has had great success with performances throughout New Zealand, Germany, France, and Poland and across the UK. They have appeared in multiple concert series, including at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Budleigh Salterton Festival, Musikwoche Hitzacker, and Solec nad Wisla in Europe, as well as at the International Akaroa Summer Festival in New Zealand. [Read more ...]

From Chamber Music NZ:
Haydn: String Quartet Op 20 No 2
Beethoven: String Quartet Op 18 No 2
Brahms: String Quartet Op 51/1

The six quartets of Haydn’s Opus 20, the so-called “sun” quartets for the picture of the sun that was on the cover of the published score, mark a turning point in the genre and were the ones that made his name as “the father of the string quartet”. No 2 is the glorious C major, beginning with one of Haydn’s loveliest melodies and ending on a fun-filled fugue.

Beethoven studied with Haydn, on his arrival in Vienna in 1792, and embarked upon his own set of string quartets six years later – waiting until he was confident of being able to hold his head high beside his teacher. Published as Opus 18, no 2 is the most cheerful of the lot, in G major, brimming over with youthful energy and charm.

Finally, the programme is completed by Brahms’s first quartet, the great C minor Op 51 no 1. Brahms in his turn was overawed by the example of Beethoven, and he would work on this quartet, perfecting it, for almost 20 years. The result one of the most intense, romantic and much-loved chamber works ever composed.

The Vivian: The Local Show

From The Vivian Gallery: THE LOCAL SHOW - 14th September to 15th October

Vicki Fanning, Mike Petre, Garry Currin, Barbara Cope, Barry Lett, Louise McRae, Virginia Leonard, The Vivian, Cliff McPherson, Gary Horton, John Haines, Richard Collins.

© Barry Lett 2013

The Vivian
39 Omaha Valley Road,
RD5 Warkworth 0985
New Zealand

Open daily 11am to 5pm
Phone: 09 4229995

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Sawmill Cafe: NZ Trio

Sunday 11 August 2013, 4pm - $30

It's great to see the Sawmill hosting some classical music. Hopefully this concert will sell out and encourage similar ensembles to visit Leigh in the future.

From NZ TrioViolinist Justine Cormack, cellist Ashley Brown and pianist Sarah Watkins first joined forces in 2002 and were Ensemble in Residence at The University of Auckland from 2004-2009. From the outset their artistry, intensity and approachability have captivated music lovers throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, South America, Turkey, the US and the UK. Recent international highlights include a tour to China and Taiwan in 2012, the 2011 City of London Festival, and a special concert at the Aurora Festival in Sydney, broadcast live on ABC Radio. [Read more...]

Stuart Greenbaum (Australia) 800 Million Heartbeats
Claude Debussy (France) Piano Trio in G Major
John Psathas (NZ) Corybas
Claire Cowan (NZ) Subtle Dances
Paul Schoenfield (USA) Cafe Music

Leigh Sawmill Café
142 Pakiri Road
Ph: 09 422 6019

The Vivian: The Wood Show

The Vivian
39 Omaha Valley Road,
RD5 Warkworth 0985
New Zealand

Open daily 11am to 5pm
Phone: 09 4229995