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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Fine Line Gallery: 12 |12 | 12 Opening

Hugh Major and Kirsty Mackenzie's exhibition opening at A Fine Line Gallery was well attended on Saturday 8th December.

The amount of time and thought that has obviously been put into this show is as staggering as the flights of imagination, technique and detail of the paintings.

This is a show well worth seeing.

All photos: Richard Smallfield

A Fine Line Gallery
Charlies Gelato Garden

17 Sharp Rd, 
Matakana, RD2, 
Warkworth 0982 
09 422 7942 / 021 150 8820

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Fine Line Gallery: Hugh Major and Kirsty Mackenzie

From A Fine Line Gallery: Hugh and Kirsty have planned this exhibition over the last two years to coincide with the 12th of December 2012 – hence the name 12 | 12 | 12.

This is their second exhibition at the gallery and, along with Hugh’s striking paintings, features a number of works using the gold leaf they have both been experimenting with over the last year. Everyone welcome to the opening this Saturday 8th December from 12.00-2.00pm. Exhibition runs until Sunday 6th January.

A Fine Line Gallery
Charlies Gelato Garden

17 Sharp Rd, 
Matakana, RD2, 
Warkworth 0982 
09 422 7942 / 021 150 8820

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Vivian Gallery Matakana to open 1 Dec

Matakana's much-awaited Vivian Gallery in Omaha Valley Rd is to open at 4pm on Saturday Dec 1 with a show of prominent local artists.

In May I interviewed Vivian Gallery manager Oliver King - see: A new gallery for Matakana.

The Vivian Gallery
39 Omaha Valley Rd
Ph: 422 9995

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Garry Currin: Salvage

Prominent Baddeley's Beach artist Garry Currin is exhibiting in Wanganui in December.

From The Big IdeaArtist Garry Currin's first exhibition in his old hometown of Wanganui is a sea narrative, a storyboard idea about the foundering of the cargo ship 'Port Bowen' which ran aground at Castlecliff Beach on Wanganui's west coast on July 18,1939. The stranded ship remained there for 3 years in which time it was slowly dismantled, much of the material being used for the war effort.

The series, titled Salvage, is a collection of creative responses to aural history; stories told to Currin as a child by both his mother and his grandmother and is a departure from his moody and enigmatic landscapes as he brings more figurative and representational elements into these works. Currin says, "I have worked to capture the sound of those stories. The sirens and the waves, the cold, the fires, the giant on the beach, the watching and the waiting".

W.H. Milbank Gallery1 Dec 2012 - 31 Jan 2013

1 Dec 2012 - 31 Jan 2013
W.H. Milbank Gallery

1B Bell Street, Wanganui
Bill Milbank (06) 345 9435 or Mob. 027 628 6877

Friday, November 2, 2012

Barry Lett: New Works at Remuera Gallery

Photo: Nick Gresson
The renowned Tawharanui painter and sculptor Barry Lett is exhibiting at Remuera Gallery, opening at 3pm, Saturday November 10 and running for two weeks.

Having worked in sculpture for many years, over the last two years he has been working on paintings on rough-surfaced jigsaw-cut plywood. The works range from small to 3.5m wide.

From Remuera Gallery: Over recent years, Barry Lett has built up a reputation as a sculptor for his large dog sculptures in wood or stone. Best known of these is probably ‘Big Rock Dog’, a large work covered in a skin of scoria stone which was awarded first prize in the inaugural Stoneleigh Sculpture Award Exhibition at the Auckland Botanic Gardens in 2008. He also worked in bronze and is mainly known for his extensive series of quirky bronze dogs. 

In 2009 Barry Lett stopped making sculpture and returned to painting. This exhibition of recent paintings is his first solo show in over five years. In an interview Barry Lett commented... 'To get back into painting I experimented with working on a building plywood called shadow clad which has a one way texture designed to look like rough sawn timber. It is used a lot on rural buildings. After much trial and error exploring the possibilities of this material, I developed a technique to make complex cut out and re–assembled jigsaw–like paintings. I arranged the one way texture in multiple directions and developed painting methods that made good use of the rough sawn nature of the surface.' All the works in this exhibition are made this way. 

Head II 2012 - acrylic on plywood 590x487mm

The content of these works ranges from a single image to quite complex compositions that include people, animals, plants and various objects. 

In all the works, smaller or larger, I use the same process of construction which is not unlike that of a stone mason. Each part of a work is established separately i.e. drawn on the plywood, cut out and painted. This ‘finished’ part is then laid on fresh ply and drawn around to establish the next interlocking shape which is then cut out, painted and glued to the first shape. By this method a painting can grow, or ‘inflate’ in any direction to any scale. Colour decisions also evolve to resonate against each other. 

To start with I tried to ‘build’ a painting to fit a pr-established plan but found that the painting seemed to develop a ‘life of its own’ and not stick to the blueprint. I found it best to allow this to happen and the unexpected combinations of shape and colour made for a more exciting journey. As long as these ‘pop ups’ contributed to the poetic narrative and worked as integral parts of the pictorial space they were made welcome.

The Umbrellas 2012 - acrylic on plywood 1625x1809mm   

The Flagbearers 2012 - acrylic on plywood 3504x1665mm

Remuera Gallery
Scott Dargaville,
360 Remuera Rd,
ph. (+64 9) 524 7403

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'Voices' well received at A Fine Line Gallery

The recent photographic exhibition Voices seems to have been well received, judging by comments such as this in the visitor's book:
'It is great to have talented persons' visual voices in such an out of way gallery. All should be brought into the centre of the population so more can see such works.'


Garry Currin
Maurice, CastleCliff © Garry Currin 2010
Maurice, Castlecliff © Garry Currin 2010

Ian MacDonald: Edge of Warming

Edge of Warming – Whangateau Harbour © Ian MacDonald 2012
Edge of Warming – Whangateau Harbour [1] 2010/2012

Edge of Warming is a new series of work that has been incubating for the last few years. It is an effort to respond visually to the undeniable rising of sea levels brought about by climate change. I have some understanding of the mathematical properties of edges and see the edge between the sea and land as the characterisation of what is really a human political event. In these works I am mapping this edge at a macro level using “aerial photography” techniques and then as a background I photograph what is above to provide an environmental context. Whangateau Harbour [1] shows the edge of the incoming tide as it covers the communities of life on the flats of the Whangateau Harbour. I have been photographing these edges for some time and they include both the edge of the sea as well as rivers and streams. Water seems to me to be the emerging political indicator of the axis of sustainability and exploitation we encounter as a species struggling to survive on this planet. That intersection I am calling the “Edge of Warming”.

Technically: This work is printed onto exposition banner polyester material using the latest Epson HDR inks. This material is very robust, washable and fade-proof with fade ratings of 100+ years.
Richard Smallfield: Gone Tomorrow
Winter morning, Warkworth © Richard Smallfield 2010 (400x400mm)
Pakiri morning © Richard Smallfield 2010 (400x400mm)

Homestead, Whangateau © Richard Smallfield 400x400mm
Our rural environment is changing: subdivisions are springing up, villages are being redeveloped and roads are being sealed.

My main photographic project in recent years has been to capture the changing roads of my area around Leigh.

I am looking at the places we rush past en route to daily destinations, and documenting my surroundings as they change - for one day, many of these scenes will exist only in memory.

The photos in this series are all in a square, black and white format. I chose this format because it echoes the work of earlier photographers and scenes like these will also pass into history.  [Richard Smallfield Website] [Gone Tomorrow essay so far exhibited]

Charlie Wrigglesworth: Pinhole World

Pinhole World No.1 © Charlie Wrigglesworth 2012
Pinhole World No.2 © Charlie Wrigglesworth 2012

Pinhole World No.3 © Charlie Wrigglesworth 2012


Hamish Macdonald

In this Colony © Hamish Macdonald 2012
Something you said © Hamish Macdonald 2012
No need for words © Hamish Macdonald 2012


Carli Clark

Driftwood I © Carli Clark 2012

Driftwood II © Carli Clark 2012

Driftwood III © Carli Clark 2012

Driftwood IV © Carli Clark 2012

I will add images as I receive them from the photographers.

Exhibition shots
Courtesy of Barbara Cope

Prints: Richard Smallfield

Prints: Mark Kaneko

Print: Di Halstead

Print: Ian MacDonald

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fine Line Gallery: Ink Paper Thread

From A Fine Line Gallery: Our next exhibition – ink paper thread – opens at A Fine Line Gallery this Friday 2nd November from 5.30pm-7.30pm.

The exhibition features the work of a group of local artists who have ‘stitched together the arts of calligraphy, print making and creative book art': Ann Bell, Gill Carlsson, Biz Dempster, Merryl Houghton, Jan Leonard, Glennys Patterson, Ailie Snow, Marianda, Chic Vercoe, Karen Williamson.

Charlies Gelato Garden 
A Fine Line Gallery
17 Sharp Rd, 
Matakana, RD2, 
Warkworth 0982

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Fine Line Gallery: Voices

From A Fine Line Gallery: Opening at 5:30pm on Friday 5 October and running from 6-28 October, Voices is a group photography exhibition featuring a mix of local and guest artists.

Exhibiting are: Carli Clark, Richard Collins, Barbara Cope, Garry Currin, Di Halstead, Sue Hill, Mark Leonard Kaneko, Hamish Macdonald, Ian MacDonald, Davina Monds, Richard Smallfield and Charlie Wrigglesworth.

Charlies Gelato Garden
A Fine Line Gallery
17 Sharp Rd,
Matakana, RD2,
Warkworth 0982
09 422 7942 / 021 150 8820

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Gallery, Helensville: Artists 18 Aug - 8 Dec

18 Aug - 8 Dec 2012

Arwen Flowers - Painter
Filani Macasseys - Contemporary Masi Artist 
Hamish MacDonald - Photographer
Tanya Bogdanova - Jeweller
Olivia Owens - Jeweller
Sophie Lankovsky - Potter

From The Gallery: The Gallery in Helensville, Auckland, would like to introduce Arwen Flowers, Filani Filina Macassey and Hamish MacDonald who are exhibiting their work in this current residency period. They are three inspiring artists whose art practices cover diverse ground in the way they both produce and view their work. Arwen with her reassembled torn canvas pieces that examine the transient space between states and moments, Filani utilizing Masi (a Fijian tapa-bark cloth) in a contemporary way as she ventures into the modern world, just as her forebears voyaged out in ndrua, navigating their world, and Hamish MacDonald who brings to his images an identifiable and relatable atmosphere that is connected by passages of music, lyrics and inspirational words. [Read more...

About The Gallery
The Gallery is self-manned by the artists who are in residence and is located 35 minutes north of Auckland City in the Rodney District. With a small time commitment, professional artists can show their work for an extended period. [
More information...]

The Gallery
81 Commercial Rd,
021 710 367

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kumeu Arts Centre: 'A Space Between'

From Archipelago: How do people relate to each other across the distance of space and time? Where do divergent viewpoints and entities meet? This exhibition features emerging and established artists whose work addresses exactly those questions.

Although space is commonly viewed as the expanse that separates individuals, A Space Between draws upon the Samoan concept of vā to define space as a site of connection rather than separation.
[Read more...]

The exhibition features photographers 
Amanda A’Hara, Edith Amituanai and Caryline Boreham.

Kumeu Arts Centre
17-29 September
300 Main Road, Huapai (behind Kumeu Library)
Mon-Wed & Sat 10am-3pm, Thurs & Fri 10am-5pm

Piece Gallery: Gary Horton - 'More Toys'

Generously supported by Ti Point & Coxhead Creek Vineyards

Piece Gallery
2 Matakana Valley Road
Ph: 09 422 9125

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Fine Line Gallery: Sue Hill - Head or Tails

Our opening exhibition for the 2012-2013 season is Head or Tails – an exhibition of paintings, photography and sculpture by Sue Hill. 

This is Sue’s last exhibition in New Zealand before heading offshore and is a retrospective view of her work. This is a great (and last) chance to see a body of work from one of our best, most loved and versatile local artists. We would love to see you at the opening on Saturday 8th September 5.30-7.30pm. The exhibition runs until Sunday 30th September.

Charlies Gelato Garden
A Fine Line Gallery
17 Sharp Rd, Matakana,
RD2, Warkworth 0982
09 422 7942 / 021 1508820

Friday, July 20, 2012

Piece Gllery: Fiddlesticks Finale

From Piece Gallery The final annual group candlestick show opens on Friday 27th July at 5pm. 

Piece Gallery, 2 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana
Generously supported by Coxhead Creek & Ti Point Vineyards.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mahurangi East Library: Poetry Day

From Mahurangi East Library: An afternoon of listening to poetry, plus (most important of all) afternoon tea. Everyone is welcome and those who so desire can leap or stand up and read some of their own.

Friday 27th of July 2.30-4.00pm, in the Betty Paxton Room next to Mahurangi East Library.

Warkworth Wellsford Hospice fundraiser at Art Matakana

Monday, June 18, 2012

Matakana Walkway Fundraiser

There is to be a fundraising event at A Fine Line Gallery on Saturday 23 June from 5:00-8:00pm, for the proposed Matakana-Omaha Walkway.

The road to Omaha © R. Smallfield 2008

From Local Matters:
 [The walkway] will veer off the Leigh Road just after the bridge at the eastern end of Matakana and connect to Tongue Farm Road. However, it will now head towards Jones Road through land owned by the Whitmore family, and through Council-owned land near the wastewater treatment plant, connecting with the new cycleway over the Causeway to Omaha. The estimated length will be about six kilometres. [Read more...

From A Fine Line Gallery:
A great opportunity to come and celebrate the winter solstice, purchase a piece of Matakana Art, and contribute to the Matakana Walkway.

Everyone is welcome for the evening but if you want to purchase a piece of art then you have to have a $40 ticket. Each ticket is numbered and during the evening each work of art in the gallery will be randomly numbered – the work with your ticket number is yours to take away at the end of the evening. Local artists have generously contributed or created work for the event and there are some outstanding pieces in the show. 

ickets are limited to the number of art works (we will have at least 100 works in the exhibition) and have been selling well.  If you want to purchase a ticket they are available at: Charlies Gelato (Friday-Sunday), Matakana Bike Hire, Matakana School, and Matakana Gull Motors – or phone Heather and Charlie on 09 4227980 or Mike De Haan on 09 4227854. A limited number of tickets will be available on the night.

Omaha dunes © R. Smallfield 2006
If you just want to come along for the event then that is great too – art raffles, entertainment, wine and nibbles provided as well as being part of a great community art event.

Artists .... If you have small works you would like to contribute or if you have finished creating a work for the show, if you could please drop off at Piece Gallery in the village or Charlies Gelato – or come down driveway past Charlies Gelato and drop any work off at our house.

All proceeds from the evening go towards the Matakana Walkway.

Hope to see you on the 23rd June 5.00-8.00pm,

Heather and Charlie, 

Charlies Gelato Garden

A Fine Line Gallery

17 Sharp Rd, Matakana,
RD2, Warkworth 0982
09 422 7942 / 021 1508820

Monday, June 4, 2012

Matakana PIctures 'Images' exhibition opens

photo: Karen Williamson
From Fatsprat Blog: Friday night at RD6 gallery Matakana. Exhibition opens to thunderous applause. Well, OK not exactly thunderous but definately a good crowd through the gallery, enough to stroke my ego anyway. [Read more...

Read exhibition information.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Edward Howie, Brodie Quinn: ‘A Stranger Paradise’

From Jan Young, PhotoforumThis exhibition brings together photographic essays from Colombia and China, depicting the life of two distinct places, cultures and traditions. [Read more...]

28 May - 16 June 2012
Opening Sat 26 May, 5-7pm

NorthArt Gallery
Norman King Square, Ernie Mays St,
Northcote Shopping Centre, Auckland
ph 09 480 9633
Hours: 10am-4pm (closed Queen’s birthday)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Morris & James: Auckland Festival of Photography 'From Paddock to Pottery'

As part of the Auckland Festival of Photography Fringe, Morris & James pottery, Matakana, are holding a retrospective exhibition of the people and pots who have made the journey 'From Paddock to Pottery'.

Opening Thurs 31 May, 3-5pm.

Morris & James
Tongue Farm Rd, Matakana
Phone: 09 422 7116