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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'Voices' well received at A Fine Line Gallery

The recent photographic exhibition Voices seems to have been well received, judging by comments such as this in the visitor's book:
'It is great to have talented persons' visual voices in such an out of way gallery. All should be brought into the centre of the population so more can see such works.'


Garry Currin
Maurice, CastleCliff © Garry Currin 2010
Maurice, Castlecliff © Garry Currin 2010

Ian MacDonald: Edge of Warming

Edge of Warming – Whangateau Harbour © Ian MacDonald 2012
Edge of Warming – Whangateau Harbour [1] 2010/2012

Edge of Warming is a new series of work that has been incubating for the last few years. It is an effort to respond visually to the undeniable rising of sea levels brought about by climate change. I have some understanding of the mathematical properties of edges and see the edge between the sea and land as the characterisation of what is really a human political event. In these works I am mapping this edge at a macro level using “aerial photography” techniques and then as a background I photograph what is above to provide an environmental context. Whangateau Harbour [1] shows the edge of the incoming tide as it covers the communities of life on the flats of the Whangateau Harbour. I have been photographing these edges for some time and they include both the edge of the sea as well as rivers and streams. Water seems to me to be the emerging political indicator of the axis of sustainability and exploitation we encounter as a species struggling to survive on this planet. That intersection I am calling the “Edge of Warming”.

Technically: This work is printed onto exposition banner polyester material using the latest Epson HDR inks. This material is very robust, washable and fade-proof with fade ratings of 100+ years.
Richard Smallfield: Gone Tomorrow
Winter morning, Warkworth © Richard Smallfield 2010 (400x400mm)
Pakiri morning © Richard Smallfield 2010 (400x400mm)

Homestead, Whangateau © Richard Smallfield 400x400mm
Our rural environment is changing: subdivisions are springing up, villages are being redeveloped and roads are being sealed.

My main photographic project in recent years has been to capture the changing roads of my area around Leigh.

I am looking at the places we rush past en route to daily destinations, and documenting my surroundings as they change - for one day, many of these scenes will exist only in memory.

The photos in this series are all in a square, black and white format. I chose this format because it echoes the work of earlier photographers and scenes like these will also pass into history.  [Richard Smallfield Website] [Gone Tomorrow essay so far exhibited]

Charlie Wrigglesworth: Pinhole World

Pinhole World No.1 © Charlie Wrigglesworth 2012
Pinhole World No.2 © Charlie Wrigglesworth 2012

Pinhole World No.3 © Charlie Wrigglesworth 2012


Hamish Macdonald

In this Colony © Hamish Macdonald 2012
Something you said © Hamish Macdonald 2012
No need for words © Hamish Macdonald 2012


Carli Clark

Driftwood I © Carli Clark 2012

Driftwood II © Carli Clark 2012

Driftwood III © Carli Clark 2012

Driftwood IV © Carli Clark 2012

I will add images as I receive them from the photographers.

Exhibition shots
Courtesy of Barbara Cope

Prints: Richard Smallfield

Prints: Mark Kaneko

Print: Di Halstead

Print: Ian MacDonald

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fine Line Gallery: Ink Paper Thread

From A Fine Line Gallery: Our next exhibition – ink paper thread – opens at A Fine Line Gallery this Friday 2nd November from 5.30pm-7.30pm.

The exhibition features the work of a group of local artists who have ‘stitched together the arts of calligraphy, print making and creative book art': Ann Bell, Gill Carlsson, Biz Dempster, Merryl Houghton, Jan Leonard, Glennys Patterson, Ailie Snow, Marianda, Chic Vercoe, Karen Williamson.

Charlies Gelato Garden 
A Fine Line Gallery
17 Sharp Rd, 
Matakana, RD2, 
Warkworth 0982